Half Hour Reading

Half Hour Reading

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Unlock the wisdom of your soul through Jennifer’s psychic ability.

A half-hour session will cover approximately 4 questions/areas of your life. This is good for a "refresher" session. Or if you only wish to cover a few subjects.

*Please make sure to write your questions down as not to forget the during the reading.*

Readings are offered to those in need of inspiration, guidance and healing.  My clients are men, women and children from around the world of all religions and faiths:

  • business professionals seeking career guidance;
  • individuals seeking life and relationship guidance;
  • individuals and families seeking understanding and closure of loved ones who have passed;
  • families helping gifted children understand their abilities, etc.


  • Discover and live in alignment with your intuitive higher self
  • Clarity, comfort, and direction
  • Overcome self-doubt stop second guessing yourself
  • Release guilt, sadness, and fear by discovering what is really holding you back
  • Learn how to prioritize and focus your energy on what matters most